Visit Schedule:

***ADA bathroom is available in red barn. Any additional handwashing is available on side of house near patio/bird bath. Parking can be along barn driveway in grass.

***Visits are at no cost, but donations are appreciated (See "SUPPORT" link on this website).

  1. A Fellinlove Farm volunteer will greet bus in barn driveway.
  2. Bus driver will drive residents next to horse pasture where residents are welcomed to leave bus to feed big horses and mini zebu cattle (apple slices, carrots). Others can remain seated inside bus and view the horses and zebu (about 10 feet away) through windows. A short horse show may be provided if weather permits.
  3. Bus driver will drive to barn driveway and park between designated trees near house. Assistants will help residents off of bus by pushing wheelchair toward patio near koi pond where Fellinlove Farm staff will provide fish food for residents to throw in pond. They will view fish as other residents leave bus.
  4. Residents will be seated on patio (shaded) where an animal parade will bring a variety of animals for the residents to pet (mini donkeys, mini horses, mini llamas, Nigerian Dwarf goats, rabbits, 8 dachshunds, 2 Great Pyrenees dogs, chickens, ducks, cats, mini pigs, degus, chinchillas, hamster, guinea pigs, hedgehog)
  5. After hand sanitizing/cleaning, if residents bring snacks, they are welcomed to enjoy patio/koi pond.
  6. Fellinlove Farm volunteers will assist residents in their return to their bus.